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Body Pump

The body pump activity is a training system done in group.


Peddle like never before motivated by music in a squad.


Moderate cardiovascular training, very useful to reduce body fat.


Practice YOGA by cultivating the body, mind and meditation.

Body Combat

Create adrenaline to the max by simulating a melee fight to the rhythm of music.

MAT Pilates

The Pilates method integrates Western and Eastern theories and relates the practice of specific exercises coupled with breathing techniques.

Total training

Like every sporting activity, Total Training gives you the keys to a physical, mental and social training, these three related to each other.


Physical activity in water is not only limited to swimming.

Functional Training

Se basa en movimientos multi-articulares o compuestos, en contraposición a los ejercicios que “localizan” un determinado grupo muscular.

Stretch Yoga

Enjoy Strech Yoga by improving your stretches by conscious breathing.

Express Classes

Express activities that are over fast.

Core Balance

Class based on stability exercises, mobility and strength of the center of the body.

Gluteus 30 min training

Simple toning session, directed exclusively to the work of glutes.

Bike virtual

Indoor Virtual cycling lessons


High-intensity interval training

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