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atenas osteopathy and quiromassage


Our Osteopathy and Chiromassage service has the best professionals trained in IMO, the only institute in Andalucia enrolled in SIDO
(Society of Teaching Institutions of Osteopathy)

We have a staff adapted to the Parameters for Osteopathic Training marked by the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2010

What’s osteopathy?

Two words define osteopathy: touch and sensitivity. In addition, Osteopathy is philosophy, science and art; and a manual therapy whose purpose, based on listening and a global approach, is to restore tissue mobility and functional balance in the person by stimulating their natural self-healing forces.

His philosophy uses the concept of the unity of the structure and function of the living organism in health and in disease.
It demands a special aptitude, a deep knowledge of the human body and the interactions between its different systems.

The Osteopath perceives the blockages of the organism, collaborates in its release and causes the tissues to recover their balance, activating the self-healing capacity of the body. Your intervention is always perfectly dosed. It is the search for the indispensable and benefactor minimum gesture.

What characterizes the state of health of a human organism is the balance between all the elements that make up its structure and all those that make up its functions. One of the basic principles of Osteopathy is that the first manifestation of life is movement. One of its essential objectives is therefore to restore the necessary mobilities to the life of the person in good health to restore disturbed equilibria in all the functional planes of the human body.

Osteopathy is therefore an approach to the person as a unique example. Through the hands of the osteopath psychophysiological imbalances will be sought.

The ultimate goal of osteopathy is to allow the patient to be harmonized in the five structure-function models: neurological, vascular-respiratory, biomechanical, bio-psychosocial and bio-energetic.


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