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The commitment of each personal trainer from our team is simple: improve the quality of life of our students taking them to a physical condition that in many cases they had never imagined reaching.

Most of our clients want to feel good, others change their appearance and others recover their physical condition, the path is relatively simple when you have a competent personal trainer.

We have two well differentiated areas:

1. Specialized area in the EXERCISE for health, sports and aesthetic performance.
2. Area centered on physical RECOVERY or re-training after injuries or long periods of inactivity. Not every personal trainer is qualified for this option.

Three options adapted to you…


An exclusive trainer just for you. From 32€.


Couples, friends, neighbours… The most important thing is having the same objetive. From 25€.

Reduced groups by objectives

Loss of weight, pilates, muscle tone … Quality and attention as if you were one, at a very low price. From € 14.

Four steps to change your life with a personal trainer

Initial examination with your personal trainer

In the first interview, your ATENAS PERSONAL TRAINER will ask you about your daily habits, both exercise and nutrition, goals, pathologies, etc., to adapt the training completely to you.
During the first personal training we will also see if you have any muscle decompensation, mobility deficit, etc., to schedule the training in a safe and effective way. The main thing is your health!

Daily habit change

Once the assessment is done, connected with the nutrition team, we will tell you what you should change in terms of nutritional habits and physical activity. Starting to do physical exercise is very good, but carrying good daily habits is essential to stay healthy and achieve any goal.

Individual training.

All the personal trainings that we do in our center are totally adapted to your physical condition and objectives.
You will train with state-of-the-art material and with your own body so that you learn to move well as soon as possible in order to progress and achieve your results.

Guaranteed results.

Every month we will evaluate what you have proposed to improve (fat loss, muscle mass gain, etc.). And if you have any pain or joint problem, you will begin to notice the results quickly. Well done physical exercise is the best medicine!


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